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Maia ... Maya... Mya... Majda... Maga.

Weaver of magic… veil of illusion… earth goddess… virgin mother… giver of life… eternal and forever… Maia symbolises many things to many cultures.

Maia Communication In Greek mythology, Maia is the daughter of Atlas and the mother of Hermes. She shines ‘like a diamond in the sky’ in a cluster of stars known as the Seven Sisters. In her Hindu avatar, Maya transforms into the maiden form of Kali – the Giver of Perception. In Buddhist tradition, Maya becomes Mahamaya, the virgin mother of Buddha. Ancient Romans dedicated the month of May in honour of Maia and deified her as the goddess of spring and rebirth.

For centuries, the word Maia has resonated with dreams of romance, power and love and has continued to weave an irresistible magic. It has symbolised the dreams and desires we all hold within ourselves... to be loved and adored by everyone and to dazzle them with our individual brilliance.

This is precisely what Maia Fine Jewellery represents. It symbolises the fire that burns within each of us. A desire to own the most prized possession... the fire and brilliance of the clearest, perfectly crafted diamonds and diamond jewellery.

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